Pick your grate finish

Find the grate that matches your bathroom’s design best. You can choose from a wide range of materials and designs.

Stainless steel grates

Pura Drainline series provides you the opportunity to design your bathroom exactly as you want it. Pura Drainline program offers unique design sets that are perfect for small and large-sized shower floors with various .

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Tileable grates

Pura Drainline offers a large collection of shower drains. Whether you are looking for a shower drain that’s suitable for a ceramic floor, natural stone floor, vinyl floor, cast floor or mosaic floor. Many of our drains are ideal for both new build and renovation projects. If you prefer something aesthetically pleasing, our design drains will be a good fit.

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Glass grates

With shower channel covers made of glass, PURA opts for fine materials in the bathroom.
Loadable despite its transparent appearance: The safety glass sits on a particularly robust stainless steel support.
Like the “plate” tileable channel, the glass cover forms an enclosed surface that can be inserted into the bathroom floor. Shower water drains away via a narrow drain opening along the long sides of the cover.

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Pura Drain system

Pura drainline drain “flat”, DN 50 side drain

Drain for Pura drainline shower channel to fit to the channel body, drain can be turned 360°, for lateral connection to DN 50 drain pipe, with removable siphon immersion pipe.
Chemical resistance
Manufactured from PVC
Installation height from bottom edge of drain to upper edge of shower channel = 75 mm